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Our small and cozy Derawan Dive Lodge is located on the island of Derawan, which is the main island of the same-named archipelago just off the coast of East Kalimantan in Indonesia. Built on a private white sandy beach, the lodge with its just 10 rooms is a perfect place for everyone who likes the personal touch in his holiday. It is this very personal touch that makes the difference. Its size creates its own uniqueness and the feel of a boutique resort. However whilst maintaining our 'lodge' tag, we strive to emulate a resort standard given the limited resources on the island.

Diving at Derawan is very diverse, ranging from spectacular wall dives to wreck and shore dives. There is an incredible diversity of small marine life in the shallows, as well as an ever dominant presence of turtles cruising the reef edge in deeper water. Add to this one of only two stingless Jellyfish lakes in the world and you're up for a perfect diving holiday!

With two 14m purpose built dive boats and a fully self-contained dive centre including NITROX, along with professional friendly service, the Derawan Dive Lodge caters for guests who want to experience diving at its best. Our highly trained and experienced Tasik Divers team lives for the diving, so each one is the ideal buddy for your Tasik diving experience.

Combo Dive Holiday: Derawan - Manado - Bali

Got more time to spare?

Tasik Ria Dive Resort Manado
Tasik Divers Bali

Split your holiday between the Derawan Dive Lodge and North Sulawesi's Tasik Ria Resort Manado and/or our Boutique Dive Safaris in Bali. In one holiday you will be able to see North Sulawesi's famous muck diving places and the colourful walls of the Bunaken National Park, as well as the best of Derawan with Manta & Co.

In Bali, discover the Liberty wreck at Tulamben or the serene sights of Menjangan. Missed the mantas at Sangalaki? Give it a try at Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida. Seasonal sightings of sunfishes (Mola-Mola) is something that shouldn't be missed.

We are happy to arrange internal flights for you, and in all three destinations our dedicated Tasik Divers teams will be happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Tasik Divers Derawan

Derawan Dive Lodge
RT III Kecamatan Pulau Derawan
Berau, East Kalimantan
Office hours +62 821 8926 2599
After office hours +62 821 8818 4141
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